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Catering MENU
Packaged in 9x13 trays
to place an order call 718.684.7828
or email us
orders must be placed a day in advance


Chicken poppers $85

Poppin Cauliflower $85

Classic Fries $35

Tallow Fries $45

Brisket $135

Wings $50

  Buffalo, Korean BBQ, General Tso, Sweet Chili Thai,

Mango Habanero, Brooklyn Dry Rub

Beef sliders $55
includes 12 

Crispy chicken sliders $48

includes 12 

Pulled brisket sliders $70

includes 12 

Korean bowl $75

Rib eye bowl $85

Rainbow bowl $65

Chicken Caesar Salad $50

Caramel apple empanadas $40

includes 30

Mini Hamburgers
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